NEOTEC project closure at Corify Care

  • 27/03/2023

During 2022, Corify Care has developed the project, “ACORYS® SISTEMA DE MAPEO ELECTROCARDIOGRÁFICO NO INVASIVO BASADO EN INTELIGENCIA ARTIFICIAL PARA LA ESTRATIFICACIÓN DE ARRITMIAS CARDIACAS”, from the NEOTEC program funded by Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI).

This one-year project was intended to close the ACORYS® design and launch the regulatory process to implement our quality system and obtain the CE mark.  CDTI is being a strong support for Corify since its first steps in 2020 with the Cervera project and last year, with the Neotec project. The NEOTEC Program from CDTI aims to support the creation and consolidation of technology-based companies.

Thanks to the funding from NEOTEC program, Corify is able to launch to the market its first disruptive product in the field of atrial fibrillation, and also to set down the rules to develop high added value technology for other pathologies.

Grant EXP 00143115 / SNEO-20211514 funded by CDTI and, by the “European Union NextGenerationEU/PRTR”.

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