Corify Care participated in the CEI Satellite Meeting CinC 2020: Challenges in the Daily Application of ECGI

Last 18th of September, Corify Care CEO and co-founder, Dr. Andreu Climent participated in the CEI Satellite Meeting CinC 2020: ECGI Past, Present, and Future: from Engineering to Clinical Application organised by the Consortium for ECG Imaging .

The objective was to discuss engineering hurdles for ECGI being incorporated into clinical practice and are partnering with industry leaders to discuss these difficult and important topics.

Dr. Climent participated in panel discussion 1 together with Dr. Pietro Bonizzi and Dr. Joél Karel. He highlighted ECGI is an attractive idea and in order to become clinically useful needs (A) to provide useful information in the decision-making process and (B) to facilitate the clinical practice with easy procedures. CEO’s Corify presented the technology developed by Corify and explained that our medical device (Acorys) is an ECGI mapping system that uses 3D real time scanning to provide epicardial cardiac maps without the need of CT or MRI scans. Acorys can help clinicians to visualize cardiac activity in a single procedure both in a regular visit and during an ablation.

“ECGI need to be precise but even more, it needs to be useful and easy to use because clinicians and patients need better and easier to use mapping solutions.” Andreu Climent

The meeting was completely virtual.

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