Corify technology was present at the XIX Ablation and navigation systems course

Last week, Corify Care participated in the XIX Ablation and navigation systems course, organized by Fundación para la Innovación en Biomedicina (FIBMED).

During the two days of the course, several clinical cases took place in different hospitals, including Hospital Gregorio MarañónHospital La Fe de Valencia and Royal Sussex County Hospital.

The cases were retransmitted live in Madrid, allowing the audience to participate and give feedback during the procedures, in which the latest technology in cardiac navigation and ablation were used.

Corify technology, ACORYS MAPPING SYSTEM, was used in Hospital Gregorio Marañón to obtain totally non-invasive maps during paroxysmal AF ablation and mitral stenosis valvuloplasty.

The system allows the obtaining of non-invasive maps that can help improve the procedure efficiency, from the initial diagnosis to the treatment.

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