Corify participates in the EIT-Health AFFINE project

Corify participates in the EIT-Health AFFINE project

AF-FINE is a medical device solution that will combine a non-invasive electrocardiogram imaging technology with an artificial intelligence prediction system to enhance treatment of patients with atrial fibrillation, a chronic condition that can lead to stroke or heart failure. Atrial fibrillation is a chronic disease that affects more than 6 million Europeans, and can cut a person’s life expectancy in half.

During the last 10 years, the members of the AF-FINE project have had the vision to improve the efficacy of pharmacological and ablation antiarrhythmic therapies to address atrial fibrillation. Our experience in this field led us to develop and validate a personalised technique based on the use of non-invasive recordings and inverse electrocardiogram imaging.


  • Felipe Atienza MD, PhD, a cardiologist specialised in electrophysiology and CMO at CORIFY will supervise the clinical work.
  • Maria S. Guillem PhD, Assistant Prof. at UPV is CSO at CORIFY.
  • Francisco Fernández-Avilés PhD, MD is Prof. of Cardiology, head of Cardiology Dept. at Hospital Gregorio Marañón and director of FIBMED.
  • Andreu M. Climent PhD, a researcher at SERMAS, is CEO at CORIFY and will be Project Manager of the AFFINE project.
  • Blanca Rodriguez PhD is a researcher at Oxford.
  • Manuel Pérez Pérez is engineer at ATOS.
  • Josep Lluís Falcó PhD, MBA is CEO at GENESIS Biomed.

The main goal of AF-FINE is to change the paradigm of treatment of atrial fibrillation patients by introducing in the market a novel technology that combines electrocardiogram imaging with artificial intelligence. The project is developing and validating a patient-centered system for managing atrial fibrillation that allows for:

personalised treatments based in the synergistic interaction between novel knowledge on the mechanisms of the pathology;new non-invasive mapping technologies (already developed by SERMAS and the UPV’s spin-off, CORIFY);artificial intelligence-based methodologies for stratification of each patient’s case, permitting identification of the most effective and efficient treatment.

With the support of the AF-FINE project, CORIFY aims to develop the ultimate solution for stratification of patient suffering from atrial fibrillation. The work being done by CORIFY is the result of innovation at Hospital Gregorio Marañón, the education received at Caixa Impulse Program (funded by EIT Health) and the business creation efforts to create the company. Most of the value generated at CORIFY has been driven by EIT Health.

Due to better stratification of individual patients’ conditions, AF-FINE will enable a significant reduction in the burden of the disease, reducing the over expenditures in the healthcare system and improving the quality of life of the patients. Furthermore, knowledge of atrial fibrillation will enhance awareness among citizens of their own lifestyle habits. To this end, AF-FINE has several outreach activities. Health.

Why this is an EIT Health project

Using evidence-based approaches to improve diagnosis and treatment of a chronic, potentially fatal condition means that AF-FINE is in keeping with the EIT Health Focus Area of “Improving Care Pathways”. The project’s overall goal of better, personalised care is in keeping with EIT Health’s mission to improve healthcare for European citizens.

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