Corify Care S.L. (Corify) is focused on the development of medical devices for improving the clinical management of cardiac arrhythmias, from diagnosis to therapy plannification and treatment.

At Corify we are developing ACORYS MAPPING SYSTEM, the first cardiac mapping system that allows clinicians to non-invasively see electrical activity in the surface of the heart, without the need of catheters or MRI/CT imaging.

The Problem:
Cardiac Arrhythmias

Cardiac arrhythmias affect > 60M patients worldwide, and their prevalence is expected to double in the next few decades. Despite the multiple diagnosis techniques and therapeutic options, treatment success ratio is low. Only by determining the optimal treatment strategy for each patient can the treatment be really effective.


At Corify we are developing ACORYS MAPPING SYSTEM: a novel electrocardiographic imaging system that allows the clinicians to see the electrical activity in the heart in a completely non-invasive way.